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Innovative and user-friendly device for standardized collection of first-void urine and optimized for mail-delivery

When a person thinks he or she contracted a sexually transmitted infection (STI's), it is often difficult to get tested due to stigma's and barriers. This neglect can have serious health consequenses such as infertility. Several laboratories in Flanders and the Netherlands offer an online testing platform, from which the patient will receive a self-sampling kit. The sample is returned to the laboratory, and results (and possible treatment) can be obtained through the online platform.


Exact localization for people with early dimentia Iedereen Projectdetails Looptijd: June 2016 - May 2018 Partners: Flemish partners: Happy aging living lab, Wit-gele Kruis Limburg and Licalab

The Follow.me project is carried out by a European consortium of companies, researchers and end-user organisations, and is financed by the European AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) program. Goal of the project is to develop an online platform that allows (informal) caretakers to follow up on the exact location of a person with mild dementia, and to contact him or her when necessary. This tracking is done by a smartwhatch. The technology is unique in the fact that a person can be tracked both  in inside and outside locations, with a higher reliability than products currently on the market.

Individual Medication Preparation

Individual medication packages, tailor made

Four logistical, technological and care partners joined forces and created IMV packages (Individual Medication Preparation) which provided the patient on a weekly basis with the correct medication, neatly sorted by day. The patient is supported by home care and a user manual.

Otium care by Mecam

A care seat for and by the older people

Mecam Group produces comfort and care seats and launched a unique concept in February 2016: Otium Care. It is not Mecam itself but more than 30 elderly and caregivers who helped form this ‘care seat of the future’.