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Are you age fifty-plus and want to live at home safely, affordably and for longer, while enjoying a great quality of life? Or are you a carer hoping to make a contribution? You can make a difference at brainstorming sessions, interviews and all kinds of live tests. In so doing, you’ll contribute to the launch of user-friendly services and products. 300 seniors and 950 carers/healthcare providers are already involved in Happy Aging People, so how about you?

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What can Happy Aging mean to you

Happy Aging is not only for you but also mainly thanks to you. In collaboration with companies, care organisations, researchers, policy-makers and (inter)national partners, you can give a real boost to user-focussed innovations in healthcare.

How? By testing all kinds of products and services to make your life easier. In so doing, you’ll provide plenty of useful information to those involved in product development.

Predicting the future is inventing it yourself.
Piet Stinissen
Happy Aging

How it works

  1. During a personal conversation we will gather information about you, your opinions and your health(care) needs. These details will of course be treated in confidence.
  2. You can then be contacted to take part in workshops/group discussions , at which you’ll meet companies and organisations working on innovations in healthcare.
  3. From then on, you’ll belong to our exciting testing panel known as the ‘Happy Aging People’. You’ll not only get to know new people, you can also be contacted to take part in all kinds of projects.
  4. These range from brainstorming sessions and interviews to all kinds of tests involving new high-tech products and services. Needless to say, you will never be obliged to take part.

Happy Aging Ambassador

Are you already on our testing panel ‘Happy Aging People’? Are you already convinced how useful it is? And are you willing to help spread the Happy Aging message? Then become a Happy Aging Ambassador! You will find five tips below :

  1. Get out and about: as an ambassador, you know best of all what Happy Aging is up to, which projects are up-and-running, and when the next activity is scheduled. So try to attend as often as you can. And feel free to bring others with you: the more the merrier.
  2. Spread the message: talk to as many people as you can, convince them of the Happy Aging message, and hand out your unique Happy Aging business cards. After all, they look far too nice to stay in your wallet or handbag, don’t they?
  3. Be proud: not everyone is able to become a Happy Aging ambassador just like that, so you can certainly be proud and show it: stick that Happy Aging badge on and … push out your chest with pride.
  4. Use Facebook: Is Facebook something just for young people? Absolutely not! Like the Happy Aging page, like our messages and share them. Need help? Give us a shout.
  5. Take a look behind the scenes: Nothing is as lovely as recalling an exciting activity or enjoyable evening with a photo or film. So don’t wait: get out your camera or smartphone and send us your impressions. We would be delighted to share them on our communication channels.

Our final and most important tip: just be yourself, because you are the perfect example of happy aging.

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Innovative and user-friendly device for standardized collection of first-void urine and optimized for mail-delivery

When a person thinks he or she contracted a sexually transmitted infection (STI's), it is often difficult to get tested due to stigma's and barriers. This neglect can have serious health consequenses such as infertility. Several laboratories in Flanders and the Netherlands offer an online testing platform, from which the patient will receive a self-sampling kit. The sample is returned to the laboratory, and results (and possible treatment) can be obtained through the online platform.


Exact localization for people with early dimentia Iedereen Projectdetails Looptijd: June 2016 - May 2018 Partners: Flemish partners: Happy aging living lab, Wit-gele Kruis Limburg and Licalab

The Follow.me project is carried out by a European consortium of companies, researchers and end-user organisations, and is financed by the European AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) program. Goal of the project is to develop an online platform that allows (informal) caretakers to follow up on the exact location of a person with mild dementia, and to contact him or her when necessary. This tracking is done by a smartwhatch. The technology is unique in the fact that a person can be tracked both  in inside and outside locations, with a higher reliability than products currently on the market.

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