Happy Aging

Happy Aging is een community voor én door ouderen.

Samen met bedrijven, zorgorganisaties, kennisinstellingen, beleidsmakers en (inter)nationale partners geven wij een stevige boost aan innovaties die leiden tot meer ondernemerschap en meer kwalitatieve zorg. In onze unieke proeftuin stellen we de eindgebruiker centraal en testen we allerlei producten en diensten in ‘real life’.

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Wil jij de Happy Aging Community in leven? Kom naar Happy Aging On Tour bij het Wit-Gele Kruis Limburg op 13 december 2018

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Discover the future of aging during the second edition of Happy Aging Day 2017. Register today!
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Our community consists of



Are you a company, care organisation, knowledge centre or policymaker with a focus on aging? If you want to find out about new trends and ideas, our Happy Aging test panel will test whether your innovation is marketable; and are you keen to attend some inspiring activities? Become a Happy Aging Member fast.

Happy Aging Member


Are you a curious person aged fifty-plus or a keen carer? Do you wish to share your experiences and insights on innovation in the healthcare sector and try out user-friendly products and services? Then Happy Aging is the place to be.
300 people over the age of fifty and 950 carers/healthcare providers are already involved in our test panel ‘Happy Aging People’, so how about you?



Do you believe everything to do with aging has a promising future? Can you bring added value to our international network? Don’t hesitate – find out now how to become a Happy Aging Partner.